Teaching Ancient Egypt, 2022

It was an absolute joy to teach the HIST449 – History of Ancient Egypt in Spring 2022.

The first page of our syllabus

This was my third time teaching this course, and each semester is slightly different and has a different focus. The first time I taught this class in Spring 2018, we played an in depth Reacting to the Past game for the second half of the semester, and the second time, in Spring 2020, we were massively interrupted and unexpectedly moved online due to COVID-19.

This time, the course was a more traditional chronological and topical history course, using art history and anthropology/archaeology in addition to historical methods.

On this page, I am sharing some of the assignments and information from this class for my own records, and for anyone who is interested in teaching this course in the future!

One of the best parts of this class was discussions surrounding important topics that many find surprisingly modern and connected to today across thousands of years. The second homework assignment, detailed below, was all about the fabulous MummyStories.com by Dr. Angela Stienne. We all wrote our own mummy stories, and several have been selected for publication on the website! I will link them HERE once the series is live.

Course Documents




Case Studies (COMING SOON!):

1 – Gods and Goddesses

2 – Literature

3 – Aspects of Daily Life

4 – Mummies

Homework 1 – Travel

Homework 2 – Mummy Stories

Homework 3 – Popular Culture

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