C.H. Nash Museum

C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa Portfolio

As an intern from the museum studies program at the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa in the summer 2009, I expressed interest in working with the collections in the museum’s repository. I inventoried boxes that are from various archaeological sites in the Mid-South area, specifically Mississippi, so that we could return those boxes to the state of their provenance where museums and repositories in the state will better utilize the artifacts. I also catalogued and sorted boxes of artifacts that previous owners had kept in disrepair. The artifacts had no provenance or organization, and I was responsible for coming up with a way to use the items as an educational tool.

This project carried over into my time as a graduate assistant at Chucalissa. Eventually, I developed an educational program that utilizes the artifacts in an instructive way. The program, Mystery Box, is included in this packet with all pertinent information.

As a graduate assistant, my duties grew to include basic museum management such as opening and closing the museum, assisting with classes and groups, helping at the front desk, and maintaining personal projects that benefit both the museum and myself as a student in the museum studies certificate program at the University of Memphis. In the spring of 2010 semester, the C.H. Nash museum was chosen to begin the  Museum Assessment Program for accreditation. As a graduate assistant at the museum, I was chosen to be a team member for the assessment  process. This includes scrutinizing every aspect of the museum from exhibits to collections to facilities and programming.

My spring project for the museum was revision and implementation of a new teacher’s manual and visitor information guide for our website. The new guide includes sample itineraries, basic information, curriculum standards, education and craft program opportunities and pre/post visit activities. In addition to the educational duties, I built up a press list for the museum of over 150 names and contact information for marketing purposes for event announcement. After the purchase of several video cameras, I also developed and edited videos for the website including a video about various musical instruments at the museum and the Relic Run 5K event.

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