Homework 2 – Mummies


For this assignment there are 2 parts. Make sure you complete both parts in one document that you turn in here. 

PART 1: Mummy Stories Website – at LEAST 2 pages total

1. Investigate the Mummy Stories website – https://www.mummystories.com

2. Read at least TWO mummy stories on the Your Stories page (please don’t just read the first 3 you click – I want to read some variety here!). At least ONE of the stories should be about an Egyptian mummy, the other can be about an Egyptian or other individual (there is a wide variety on the website!). 

3. Read the ABOUT section. 

4. Write at least 2 pages (total for part 1) in which you tell me about this website and its goals. 

  • What is this website all about? 
  • Who created it, and why?
  • What do you think about this approach to Egyptology? 

Also tell me about and summarize two of the stories you read from this. 

  • Who wrote them? 
  • Who were the subjects of their stories? 
  • How do these stories and this website humanize the ancient world and people who died thousands of years ago? 

Don’t forget to cite your sources (the links to the stories you write about, etc.)

PART 2: Your Mummy Story

For part 2 of this assignment, I want you to write your own mummy story. This can be about any mummy that you have encountered in a museum yourself, in person or online, or other human remains you may have encountered. If you have not encountered a mummy before, check out any major museum website – they almost certainly have a mummy you can use in your own story. (You should have already completed Case Study 4 at this point, so use that for your story if you have not encountered another mummy in person). 

Use the stories on this website as a model as you write your story. 

Things to consider as you write your own story: 

  • Who is the individual you are writing about? What is their story?
  • What is the most important thing you think the public should know about this person? 
  • How would they feel about being on display, if you could guess? 
  • How do YOU feel about this individual being on display? 
  • Write this as if it is going to be published on this website. Speak to a general audience who might stumble across this blog. 

Your Mummy story should be between 500-1000 words, and can be personal. It should be well-written, and should include citations. 

If you feel that your paper is especially strong, let’s talk about submitting it to the website! 

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