Please find information here about my academic teaching career.

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina. I also serve as an advisor to the Cultural Heritage Certificate Program at Coastal Carolina.

Blogs about teaching and pedagogy are available at this link. 

Courses I’ve taught include:

*indicates courses I added to the catalog and developed 

Awards and Nominations

  • 2022 Eugene Asher Award for Distinguished Teaching, from the American Historical Association.
  • 2020 Apple Award for teaching Excellence – chosen by students 
  • 2018-2019 – Nominated by two colleagues for the Edwards College Teaching Excellence Award.

Major Teaching Projects

Classroom Work

Fall 2018: 

  • HIST105: redesign of existing class under the new core curriculum requirements to include Public History concepts – included Public history concepts and principles, such as historic preservation, museum collection studies, and cultural patrimony. These concepts were introduced through research projects, primary source analysis, and in Reacting to the Past games
  • HIST395: guest speakers and field trips to local institutions – students visit local organizations, such as the Horry County Museum and the Horry County Archives, and they also visit with representatives from the Horry County Board of Architectural Review and Preservation, South Carolina State Parks Interpretation Office, and practitioners in the field of public history from museum workers to preservationists.
  • New Course: MALS571: Intro to Public History
  • MAL799: Capstone with Amanda Hamilton – Prince Frederick’s Chapel digital reconstruction project – https://amanda9917.wordpress.com
  • In all classes – use of Reacting to the Past, and development of a new game based on Public History and Cultural Heritage research

Spring 2019: 

  • New Course: HIST255: Great Debates in Public History for core curriculum, using Reacting to the Past Pedagogy – I worked closely with Edwards Research Fellow Victoria Peck to develop a Reacting to the Past game about the development of NAGPRA, which I detail further below. As part of this module in the course, I invited Chief Harold Hatcher of the Waccamaw people to visit the class and talk about his experiences as a Native American in our community. The “flipped classroom” nature of this course was challenging for me as an instructor, but many students seem to do more research and push themselves to see all sides of our historical debate topics
  • New Course: HFA205: New core course for the Cultural Heritage Certificate Program
  • HIST498: Senior Seminar: integrating material culture and public history into the senior seminar capstone course
  • HIST392: Museums and Communities: creating an exhibit for the Horry County Museum, with Carolyn Dillian’s Cultural Resource Management class to create an exhibit for people with disabilities and sensory differences through 3D scanning and printing of artifacts at HCM.
  • Internship supervision: Horry County Schools

Fall 2019:

  • In all of my classes both Spring and Fall I used Reacting to the Past to draw students into deeper research and understanding of public history, history, and cultural heritage issues.
  • Submitted new course, HIST449: History of Ancient Egypt
  • Brought in several guest speakers, in person and digitally, for all courses
  • Taught UNIV110 for students in COHFA
  • Traveled with students in UNIV110 to Hobcaw Barony for day trip
  • Annual HIST395 Field Trip to Horry County Museum
  • Worked with 3 graduate students in Intro to Public History course

Spring 2020:

  • Developed and taught New Course: HIST593: Sp Topics: Issues in Public History, Spring 2020 as a new seminar for graduate students in the MALS program.
  • Taught a section of HIST255: Great Debates
  • Taught HIST494: Topics in History: Ancient Egypt
  • Worked with student Tori Peck on her honors thesis on the topic of Genocide and Museums
  • Worked with 3 students on internships with Horry County Museum, and worked to create new plans after COVID19
  • Moved all courses online after Spring Break and readjusted after COVID19 in March 2020.

Summer 2020

  • COOL Grant Completion
  • Digital Learning Institute Completion
  • Facilitator for National Council on Public History working group on learning Public History online and the time of COVID
  • Received Exemplary Course designation for HIST105DL

Fall 2020

  • Taught four courses including 2 sections of HIST105DL, HIST395: Intro to Public History, and a new course, HFA190: Apocalyptic-ish
  • Guest speakers integrated digitally in all courses
  • HIST105DL – added video lectures for each week of the course
  • Developed and co-taught a new pilot program for interdisciplinary learning in COHFA
  • Moved all courses online and online with in-person streaming to accommodate learning for COVID-19
  • Developing HFA as an all DL course for Spring 2021

Spring 2021

  • Prince Fellows advisor for four students
  • Teaching 3 courses: HIST105, HFA205, and HIST392: Museums and Communities with both in-person and online components for streaming to accommodate students
  • Community museum exhibit project with Horry County Museum, the Waccamaw Indian People, and HIST392, in partnership with ANTH381

Extracurricular Teaching Work

AY 2018-2019

  • 2018-2020 – Work with Edwards Research Fellow Tori Peck on creating a new Reacting to the Past game about NAGPRA and Native American rights and laws
  • 2018 – 2020 Changes and expansion of Cultural Heritage Certificate Program – with Drs. Baltes, Bergeron, Dillian, and Miller
  • Advising students in Cultural Heritage Certificate Program
  • Revamping and expanding the Cultural Heritage Certificate program to include new courses  
  • I serve as the advisor for students enrolled in the program, and work to recruit students earlier in their program than they have been in the past.
  • Cultural Heritage Studies Working Group reworked the certificate requirements, which entered the 2018 Fall catalog with changes to student requirements for completion including Art History for the first time, as well as a new core course, HFA 205.
  • Creation and implementation of a new foundational course, HFA205: Introduction to Cultural Heritage Studies. Drs. Dillian, Baltes, Miller, Bergeron, and I co-taught the inaugural course in Spring 2019.
  • Organizing Cultural Heritage Speaker Series for History Department contribution to the program; January 2019 – Dr. Jamie Goodall. Dr. Goodall’s talk at Brookgreen Garden was standing room only with over 100 people in attendance.
  • Presentation with Ms. Peck at the National Council on Public History international conference meeting in March 2019.
  • Publication in the International Public History Journal spring volume on our project, Public history pedagogy and Reacting to the Past, and international implications of gaming in the classroom
  • Ms. Peck presentation of the project at the Undergraduate Research Competition

AY 2019-2020

  • 2019 – New Syllabus Design: CeTEAL workshop on redesigned syllabi
  • Traveled with students to Fredricksburg, VA in Fall 2019 to present their work from SP19 Museums course at the Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference
  • Continued advising and expanding the Cultural Heritage Certificate Program
  • Partnered with ANTH/GEOG club to go on a camping trip with students and try experiemtnal archaeology/history projects (fire cooking, Native American history, indigenous plants study, flint knapping)
  • Worked with student Victoria Peck on her Honors Thesis and work in the Edwards Fellows Program
  • Study Abroad May 2021 Courses and trip approved (canceled due to COVID19)
  • Trip to SC Archives with students and representatives from the Waccamaw Indian People to find earliest documents refering to the tribe, to help with future petitions for Federal Recognition

AY 2020-2021

  • Fall 2020 Re-establishing the History Club with students; designated as advisor for the student organization
  • 2020 – 2021 -Advisor for Prince Fellowships Program, for Waccamaw Exhibit project
  • Continued advising and expanding the Cultural Heritage Certificate Program
  • Reviving the History Club with students
  • Working on my research with student worker Emily Brenner

CeTeal Courses Completed for Teaching

Digital Learning Institute Courses:  I took several COOL grant courses, but went beyond those courses to also earn the Digital Learning Institute Certificate. My course won the Exemplary Course Award.  

  • Advanced Moodle Training – Tier 2 (Live Webinar)
  • Creating a Stress-Free Moodle Gradebook (Live Webinar)
  • Ally Digital Accessibility Tool – Let’s get started! (Live Webinar)
  • Encourage Active Learning in Your Course Using Echo360 (Live Webinar)
  • Academic Integrity and Best Practices in Digital Learning (Live Webinar)
  • Integration of Accessible Assignments and Activities into your Online, Hybrid and Flex Classes (Live Webinar)
  • Integration of Open Educational Resources (OERs) into your Online, Hybrid, and Traditional Classes (Live Webinar)
  • Best Practices for Digital Learning
  • Survey of Tech Tools for Teaching Online (Live Webinar)
  • The Completion Agenda

Student Success After CCU: 

  • Mandy Floyd, undergrad 2016 and Master’s in 2018, is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Public History with my former dissertation advisor at Middle Tennessee State University. 
  • Tori Peck, class of 2020, received a fully-funded offer from Middle Tennessee State University to complete her Master of Arts in Public History, and she is working at the Center for Historic Preservation in Tennessee. 
  • Rachel Whyte, class of 2018, is finishing her degree at University of Florida and plans to work in museums and historic sites. She was recently accepted to a Ph.D. program to study public history!
  • Morgan Condrey is currently studying public history and museums at Middle Tennessee State University for her Master of Arts degree.

Future Goals

In the future I plan to continue my work with communities and students. This continues in Spring 2021 with a new exhibit at the Horry County Museum with the Waccamaw Indian People. This is a partnership I plan to cultivate and expand over the coming years. We are fortunate to have the Horry County Museum as a sort of experiential learning lab for our students in cultural heritage.  I would like to expand the Cultural Heritage Certificate program into a minor. The Spring 2021 foundational course, HFA205, filled to 32 students very early, and I hope this will serve as a recruiting course for the program.  In fall 2021 I will teach Death, Human Remains, and Public History, which is a new upper division course based in my scholarly research.  The CCU History Club is back up and running, and I appointed 5 officers as our new inaugural student team. I am working closely with President Megan Walter to recruit and advertise the club, and when restrictions are lifted, I am assisting with plans for events and potential field trips.  I look forward to continuing teaching our wonderful students in all levels of courses, online and in person.


Teaching Experience

2023 – Present Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies 
Coastal Carolina University   |   Conway, South Carolina    
Affiliations: Graduate Faculty, Anthropology and Geography Department 

2018 – 2022           Assistant Professor of History (Public History)Department of History – Coastal Carolina University   |   Conway, South Carolina

Courses: Introduction to Public History (and honors section*), Graduate Special Topics in Public History*, Master of Liberal Studies Capstone Experience in Public History*, Museums and Communities, Death, Human Remains and Public History*, History of Ancient Egypt*, Introduction to Cultural Heritage*, Great Debates: Public History and Heritage*, Senior Seminar, Pre-Modern World History, Topics in Public History*, First Year University Experience, Graduate Level Introduction to Public History*; Internships: Horry County Museum, Horry County Schools, Athenaeum Press.

*indicates courses I added to the catalog and developed  

2017 – 2018           Visiting Assistant Professor of Public HistoryDepartment of History – Coastal Carolina University   |   Conway, South Carolina
Courses: Foundations of European Civilizations I, Foundations of European Civilizations I Honors, Pre-Modern World History, Introduction to Public History, Independent Study: History of Ancient Egypt, Special Topics in History: Ancient Egypt

2015 – 2017                Teaching Associate, Department of History -Coastal Carolina University   |   Conway, South Carolina
Courses: Foundations of European Civilizations I, Foundations of European Civilizations I Honors, Introduction to Public History, Museums and Communities Studies, and Master of Liberal Studies Core Seminar

2011 – 2012                Instructor of Record, Department of History – Middle Tennessee State University | Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Courses: Explorations in Public History, World Civilizations I

2010                           Teaching Assistant, Department of History –Middle Tennessee State University | Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Course: History of the United States to 1877

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