Midterm Report!

Midterm Report:

  • Public History:

Essay on the Historiography of African American Women’s Social Roles After Emancipation – completed.

Project subject: selected – Schools and education in Rutherford County, emphasis on Cemetery Community area.  Finished product will be some sort of visual/text for use at the Stones River National Battlefield.

  • Egyptian History:

Midterm –  completed.

Research Topic: selected – Egyptian Religion, particular emphasis on ghosts/letters to the dead.

  • Principles of Management and Operations Management:

Midterm – completed, and passed with an A.  Even the math parts.

  • Foundations of Education:

Several good lessons learned.  Good conversations and contacts made.

  • Public History Program Updates:

1.  Application and supporting documents submitted for review.

Courses applying for:

o   HIST 7535 (Essentials of Museum Management) or HIST 7540 (Seminar in Museum Management) (3 hours)

o   HIST 7530 (Seminar in Administration of Historical Organizations) (3 hours)

o   HIST 7220 (Seminar in Public Programming for Historical Organizations and Archives) (3 hours)

o   HIST 7545 (Seminar in Collections Management for Historical Organizations and Archives) (3 hours)


2.      Possible courses for next semester:

o   Classical History

o   Native American History

o   Seminar in Foundations of Education

o   Leadership and Motivation

o   Teaching Social Studies

o   Assessment of Teaching and Learning

o   Material Cultures


3.      Residency/Dissertation Ideas:

Education and evaluation in museums.  I am currently researching ways of measuring the effectiveness of programming… any suggestions or stories are welcome!  This is still in the very beginning stages.

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