World Civilizations 1: Fall 2011

Class documents are available by clicking this link.

My reflections on teaching this class are available by clicking this link.

During the Fall 2011 semester I taught a section of World Civilizations I (HIST 1110-006) at MTSU.  I have a Master of Arts degree from the University of Memphis in Ancient History, which has continued to be my area of study for traditional history.  Historical context is important for all public historians, and my traditional history background qualifies me to present the content of World Civilizations I.   This course is part of the general requirements for history majors and also serves as a humanities option for general studies requirements that all MTSU students are required to take.   As the instructor of record I was responsible for developing a syllabus and class schedule that follows Tennessee Board of Regents and General Studies guidelines, delivering lectures three times weekly, consulting with students, grading all assignments, and all other tasks associated with teaching a college-level course.

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