Fall 2017 Student Blog: Sandy Island

This is the sixth in a series of Tuesday re-blogs of my student work from our HIST395 course. Please enjoy these blogs written by Coastal Carolina University students. This blog is by student Jay Buckley about Sandy Island, SC and preservation.  By Jay Buckley The Athenaeum Press at Coastal Carolina University works on projects on … Continue reading Fall 2017 Student Blog: Sandy Island

The Tower of London: Preservation Conundrums

Better late than never on the blog!  I've had a crazy past month with work, traveling to Utah, and so much more.  Back to London: After a fantastic day traipsing all over London, drooling over David Tennant, and visiting the British Museum, we were out for another day of history and art! One place in … Continue reading The Tower of London: Preservation Conundrums

May Day 2014 – Constant Vigilance!

In the immortal words of Mad-Eye Moody (or Barty Crouch aka the 10th Doctor, David Tennant depending on the book), "Constant Vigilance!"  Not only will it protect you from the Dark Arts, it can also save your museum, archive, or historic site in the event of a disaster. Today is once again MAY DAY.  Last … Continue reading May Day 2014 – Constant Vigilance!

Helpful links and information

Since I've been on vacation the past week and am in the process of moving, this post will be rather short but hopefully informative and helpful! I compiled this list  of links for museum professionals over the summer, and I hope it helps others out there like me!  This is not a comprehensive list by … Continue reading Helpful links and information