Residency Proposal

Please click here for a PDF of my Residency Proposal. 

As a part of the degree requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Public History at Middle Tennessee State University students are required to participate in a two-semester residency program.  The residency year for the program requires students to take on a project related to Public History that will help the student meet his or her requirements for the program and relate to future dissertation research and career goals.  The residency is an integral part of the degree program because through it, among other things, students are able to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field and build their doctoral portfolios.

To meet degree requirements for my degree, I am proposing a teaching residency within the MTSU History Department.  My background in public history to this point has mostly consisted of education and museums as they relate to the field.  I hope to continue studies in these areas, with the addition of other components, during my residency year and through to my dissertation research, as well as my future career.  A teaching residency within the MTSU History Department will complement and add to this experience in several ways which are discussed in this proposal.

Residency Proposal Acceptance Form.

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