Advanced Projects in Public History – Cultural Geography

Course: HIST 7994 – Advanced Projects in Public History

Semester: Summer 2011

Instructor: Dr. Doug Heffington

Responsibilities and Products as per Dr. Heffington:

1) Develop a lecture/powerpoint on the historical aspects of the formation of upper and lower Canada and eventually Ontario and Quebec.  this to be presented at our orientation.
2) Develop a walking tour of historic and ethnic downtown Toronto. Tailor the guide to the cultural geography class and will include all aspects of cultural geography in the guide (concept of region – no matter how small, visible evidence of cultural diffusion, any evidence of human/land relationships, observed cultural integration/interaction, and our favorite CUTLURAL LANDSCAPES – YES!). The guide will have not only a spatial component but a temporal as well.
3) Take the info and develop a brochure/guide, so it may use it for the next several years. I have in mind something like what public history and the center has done with walking tours of downtown Murfreesboro, etc.  I have a small budget and could print off about 100 or so copies of the guide.  Since I only take ten students each trip a hundred will last as long as I want to do this and as long as the info Katie puts in it is relevant.
4)  I also want Katie to burn her information, etc to a powerpoint so I can use it for advertisement.

So in a nut shell, I want from Kate a lecture (and the powerpoint that goes with it); a walking guide of the pertinent historical features of downtown Toronto that can be printed in brochure format to be used in this cultural geography class; and a powerpoint of her guide that can be used as lecture material or as advertisement.

For more information about projects completed in the class, please click the following links:

Reflections and Process

Walking Tour PDF

History of Ontario Powerpoint and Notes

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