Accessibility has become one of my greatest interests, due to personal reasons and my dissertation research.

The research has grown to become a book, published by Rowman and Littlefield in July 2014.  You can order the book online from their website.

Research regarding the history of accessibility, disability, and museums is also available in various forms.  The American Association of State and Local History published my article The Legacy of the Freakshow in Museums in the national magazine, AASLH History News, in the Fall 2013 edition.  

I also wrote an award-winning article called, “Disability, the Sideshow, and Modern Museum Practices” in the Scientia et Humanitas journal.

Here is a selection of my blogs written about accessibility topics.

I have written reviews about accessibility at other museums available here:

In the Fall of 2012, I hosted a workshop for museum and historic site professionals to learn more about accessibility at Middle Tennessee State University.  Learn more about that workshop here.

I also presented at several conferences about accessibility including:


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