Interview: How To Get a Museum Job

Dr. Connolly interviewed me this week after his last post, Thoughts on How to Get a Museum Job ( Check it out below to hear some of my best tips for being successful as a professional in the museum world:

Other Voices


As a follow-up to last week’s post on getting a museum job, below is a real-time example of how the process can work.  Dr. Katie Stringer is the recently hired Executive Director of the Blount Mansion in Knoxville, TN.  She graduated in May 2013 with a PhD in Public History (with a concentration in museum Management) from Middle Tennessee State University.  In addition to a PhD and MA with concentrations in museum studies, Katie has 7 years of on-the-job training from working in museums throughout Tennessee.  What makes Katie’s story particularly important is that her recent hire at Blount Mansion results in large part from her activities beyond the classroom during her years as a student.

Where do you get your information about job openings?

One of my favorite spots to check for museum jobs is the University of Leicester Museum Jobs Desk website.  You can search by location, job…

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