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My first official publication went out online today, and hard copies are now available from the MTSU Honors College.  I wrote an article based on the historical information from my dissertation, including information about the history of museums, the impact sideshows had in the past and still today, and disability in museums.   The article is cited as:   Stringer, Katie. “Disability, the Sideshow, and Modern Museum Practices.” Scientia et Humanitas 3, (2013): 15-28.  There are all kinds of great articles in this edition of the journal, so check it out!!  It is available online on the Scientia et Humanitas website archive by clicking this link. 

Check out these fancy PhD grads from the newsletter
Check out these fancy PhD grads from the newsletter

Additionally, the MTSU Public History newsletter is now available online (for which I was the editorial assistant).  It includes a lot of information about current students, PhD Alumni, and the faculty and centers of excellence.  You can read it online by clicking this link, or visiting the public history program website at:

I’m also updating my About and CV pages, so check those out!

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