Katie’s Khronicles: A News Roundup: 4/8/13 – 4/14/13



I choose this one.
I choose this one.

“Buying a Historic Home: What’s Your Style?” by Sarah Heffern on Preservation Nation – My good friend Madelyne (http://www.madelynerush.com) is very interested in the idea of buying a historic home and starting an event venue.  The article is all about identifying the kinds of properties people encounter when searching for a home. “Naturally, with the United States being as large as it is, there are a lot of architectural styles to cover. And because architecture, like preservation, comes with a lot of jargon, look for definitions and links throughout for more information.”

“Legend Tripping: Ghost Hunting Made ‘Real'” by BENJAMIN RADFORD on news.discovery.com – This article relates closely to my fall 2012 Blog Ghosts and Historic Sites.  “While many ghost hunters claim that they’re doing scientific research exploring the boundaries of science and the supernatural, folklorists have another term for this behavior: legend tripping.”

“Confederate Officers Beg For Food From Former Slaves” by Kevin Levin on Civil War Memory – This article is about an account of confederate soldiers after the surrender of Vicksburg, Mississippi.  The New York Times reported on the confiscation of Confederate camp servants and their enlistment into the Union army in full view of their former masters. Levin states, “Not only was their authority stripped away, they could do nothing but watch as many of their former slaves joined the Union army.”

article-0-12BD23D6000005DC-693_964x763“Never-before-seen photos from 100 years ago tell vivid story of gritty New York City” By ASSOCIATED PRESS from the Daily Mail Online – Not a new story, but new and exciting to me!  When I saw this on Facebook I immediately spent hours scouring the site for images of Coney Island, prostitutes, and much more.  “Almost a million images of New York and its municipal operations have been made public for the first time on the internet. The city’s Department of Records officially announced the debut of the photo database. Culled from the Municipal Archives collection of more than 2.2 million images going back to the mid-1800s, the 870,000 photographs feature all manner of city oversight — from stately ports and bridges to grisly gangland killings.”

“Iranian Scientist Claims to Have Built ‘Time Machine'” by Ker Than for National Geographic News – “It’s not quite Back to the Future, but a young Iranian inventor claims to have built a time machine that can predict a person’s future with startling accuracy. Ali Razeqi, who is 27 and the “managing director of Iran’s Center for Strategic Inventions,” claims his device will print out a report detailing an individual’s future after using complex algorithms to predict his or her fate. According to the Daily Telegraph, Razeqi told Iran’s state-run Fars news agency that his device “easily fits into the size of a personal computer case and can predict details of the next 5-8 years of the life of its users. It will not take you into the future, it will bring the future to you.”

What interesting news did you find this week?

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