Special Thanks!

A very special thanks today, to Christine Castle at the Museum Education Monitor for linking my blog, the post “Musings on Chucalissa” in particular, to the August 2010 issue!

If you are not already a member, I would strongly suggest subscribing to the MEM.  The monthly publications are very interesting and thought-provoking, and the archives available to members are invaluable!

Life is great... museums make it better!

*Also – a museum visits update: I got to visit the Sam Davis Home on Tuesday, and it was so great to see everyone there!!  They also have super awesome new t-shirts, and of course, I had to buy one.  Check it out and go buy yourself one!!

I’m still hoping to get to the State Museum in Nashville at some point in the near future, and still hoping to squeeze several in throughout the school year.

This weekend I’ll be in Knoxville for a short time, so if anyone has suggestions for a quick daytrip to a museum, let me know.

* And lastly, a link to a story in the Commercial Appeal in Memphis about Archaeology Camp!

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